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The Sketchening by PurpleSallyJay The Sketchening :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 1 0 Hands by PurpleSallyJay Hands :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 3 2 Indoor camping by PurpleSallyJay Indoor camping :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 3 2 Mermay - Rich the Merman by PurpleSallyJay Mermay - Rich the Merman :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 3 2 Disney character scares adult man by PurpleSallyJay Disney character scares adult man :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 6 10 Sketch dump - Yet more Dom and more characters by PurpleSallyJay Sketch dump - Yet more Dom and more characters :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 2 4 Group shot colour squares by PurpleSallyJay Group shot colour squares :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 3 8 A group shot - Futuristic background edit by PurpleSallyJay A group shot - Futuristic background edit :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 5 0 Oh sh- by PurpleSallyJay Oh sh- :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 5 4 A good boy's walk by PurpleSallyJay A good boy's walk :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 2 6 Casual sketch dump by PurpleSallyJay Casual sketch dump :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 2 4 Art vs Artist by PurpleSallyJay Art vs Artist :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 5 5 I'm rejoining a fandom :D  by PurpleSallyJay I'm rejoining a fandom :D :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 6 2 Dom facial expressions most recent by PurpleSallyJay Dom facial expressions most recent :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 6 4 Mother's Day Card by PurpleSallyJay Mother's Day Card :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 4 5 A silhouette in the woods by PurpleSallyJay A silhouette in the woods :iconpurplesallyjay:PurpleSallyJay 6 2
I got some lovely gift art for my birthday, so thanks to all of you who took the time to draw me something! 
Honestly I haven't really done much of it because I'm not the most confident artist, but I will pay you all back in kind eventually. :)
I've seen this one floating around in other people's journals so I thought that I'd do it, but for all of my characters to avoid blatant favouritism! 

I know that I have an awful habit of getting carried away when I talk about my characters (sorry), so this should be a good way to not do a massive information dump. :')

A group shot - Futuristic background edit by PurpleSallyJay

Hugh (guy in green suit): 
- He's fully ambidextrous. 
- Despite having the generic telepathic/telekinesis-based skillset, he cannot read minds simply because he cannot decipher certain bits of information out of the muddle of a person's brain. 
- He could have skipped grades/years in school (he's very intelligent), but it was decided that it would further alienate him from others so he was just given extra work to do instead. 
- Hugh might be very academically-minded, but his knowledge of emotions/behavioural patterns is almost non-existent. 
- His smarts are dampened by his overconfidence and sanctimonious treatment of others. 
- His main interests revolve around architecture, technology, and science. 
- He was employed as a white-hacker for a reputable company before the apocalypse hit. 
- Hugh will get anxious if he feels as if he's not fully in control of a situation. 

Elise (ginger-haired woman):
- She is creatively minded - her specialities/interests being dance, theatre-based performance, music (lead guitar/singer), and textiles. 
- Her transformation abilities grant her an empathetic link of whatever she turns into (after a certain period of time), hence why it can be a risky process. 
- Elise is known to sometimes try too hard to cheer up her allies. 
- She had rich parents who disapproved of her because of her interests and mannerisms. 
- She uses her diminutive stature to lull adversaries into a false sense of security. 
- She's a Jill-of-all-trades mainly because of her morphing abilities. 
- Elise tends to fall into a group negotiator role when she feels as if Rich requires emotional back-up.
- She tends to wear impractical clothing. However, this doesn't really affect her too much as she equips a specialised suit for when she wants to morph. 

Dom (the big bloke):
- Dom is also creatively minded - his specialities/interests being music, drawing, video games, music (bass guitarist/singer), and fantasy (think D&D). 
- While he is very truthful, sarcastic, and hot-headed, he's also very sentimental - so he tends to get attached to people quickly. 
- He's very people-smart due to also having street smarts. 
- His super senses can be as much of a liability as they are a positive trait. 
- While he's incredibly strong and durable, he's not invincible. He has been known to wear himself out during confrontations, and he can be countered by more agile fighters if they keep their distance. 
- He has a soft spot for anything that is sugary. Sugar is good. 
- He actually doesn't enjoy getting angry, but he has an even shorter temper post-mutation due to hormonal changes. 
- He's always been claustrophobic. 

Rich (bearded guy):
- Rich has mixed knowledge of several fighting styles but his favourite one is capoeira. 
- He can stun people by jabbing at their pressure points (I don't think that this is how it works in real life but oh well). 
- He tends to be the group mediator but even he can lose his patience. He's quite stern when he does. 
- The power that he gains post-mutation is healing. He can use his own energy to heal himself/allies or steal energy from other living beings and then siphon it to himself or his allies.
- He's also interested in wildlife and geography. 
- He likes to wear footwear that is elevated by 'teeth' (two solid platforms/stilts). He attaches them to trainers instead of wearing the Japanese equivalent (geta shoes). 
- He is the least likely to use firearms in a confrontation as he prefers to use his bo staff and/or his limbs instead. 
- He tends to be the first to initiate conversation with new people. 

Heather (gal on the left): 
- She is the only main character with no mutation-based powers. 
- She's the least sentimental person of the bunch - she doesn't take nonsense from anybody. 
- Heather likes vehicles as much as she likes weaponry. Her chosen weapons are a tonfa and a bola. The bola is used to knock enemies off of their feet. 
- Her burn scars were obtained fairly recently. They restrict the movement of her right hand. It's still usable but the movement in her fingers is restricted. 
- She was originally a member of a group called 'The Outcasts' before she joined the others. 
- Her personality is fairly similar to Dom's (at least outwardly). 
- She prefers kicking, but will punch if she needs to. 
- She has some secrets that she doesn't immediately share with her allies. 


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United Kingdom
A doof who likes banter, sarcasm, and is a secret edge-lord. ;)

Discord: Sassafrassle#4734 (I may not accept if I don't really know you).
I rarely add people on Facebook, but if I've spoken to you on here a bit then I might add you.

I honestly upload stuff to my Instagram/Tumblr more often than I do here. I tend to make sketch dumps once I have enough sketches to make a decent one, but those sketches are taken from the aforementioned places! :)

:icontardboogieplz:Shameless advertisement time!:icontardboogieplz:

(I'd put flashing lights here but I don't want to cause any epileptic seizures).

Commission - Having a Blast by TopperHay Commission - Hugh do you think you are by TopperHay
A fantastic pair of commissions that I got from TopperHay. Thanks again. :)

Commission - When Squirrels Attack by TopperHay
And this one! :D

Commission - Fashion Faux Pas by TopperHay


Dom Fan Art by Ethan2501
A fantastic gift that I got from Ethan (EStubbs). Thank you. :)


Commissions - March 2016 by karuuhnia
karuuhnia's adaptation of Dom is fantastic. Thanks again for this!


Bowling Down the House by AgentC-24
A fantastic commission that Rich did for me. Great work, and thanks again! :)



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